Booking & Payments

A non-refundable 30% deposit is taken when booking, the balance will automatically be taken 30 days before the start of your stay. If the booking is made less than 30 days before the start date of your stay the full price of the stay will be taken. If the balance is not paid by the due date Re:treat Glamping reserves the right to re-let the lodge and retain the deposit.
Your Booking is confirmed and a contract between you and us will exist when we receive payment of the deposit/full payment and send you a ‘booking confirmation’. This booking confirmation will normally be sent out within 48 hours in the case of email and seven working days in the case of post, and will contain the details of your Booking and of payments made and due. If you have not received your booking confirmation within the specified time, please notify us as soon as possible by email ( Please check your confirmation carefully and report any incorrect or incomplete information to us immediately.
We’re sorry for any inconvenience, but payments via our online booking system can only be made by credit and debit cards.
Re:treat Glamping only accepts bookings from persons over 18 years of age. We reserve the right, at all times, without statement of reasons, to refuse or cancel a booking.
The prices advertised are not binding; Re:treat Glamping reserves the right to modify these prices at any time. We also reserve the right to correct errors in both advertised and confirmed prices. At the time of booking you will be informed of the prices applicable. The price stated on the ‘booking confirmation’ is binding.

Arrival & Departure

We ask that you arrive on your specified arrival date between 4 and 6pm.
The field and access fields are unlit and car free and therefore very dark at nightfall. Unloading, unpacking, lighting your wood burning stove and getting settled is therefore much easier in the daylight.
It’s therefore important to please plan your journey to ensure you arrive during the daylight. We understand that with work and existing commitments this may be awkward so if you can’t arrive until after dark we suggest you come early the next morning instead. Please get in touch with us to discuss and arrange any special requirements prior to arrival.
We operate a self-check in process – you will receive detailed guidance a week prior to your stay including details of where to park your car. This is approximately 300 metres from your safari lodge. A trolley will be available for you to offload your belongings into for you to take to the safari lodge.
Guests are requested to vacate their accommodation by 10am on the date of their departure. We operate a self-checkout process; please ensure all the steps on the checkout list are completed. This includes leaving the safari tent as you found it on arrival; returning all furniture and fittings to their original positions and washing and tidying up. We also ask guests to strip their beds. Payment for items purchased from our honesty shop is now contactless and more information will be made available prior to your stay.


The following cancellation policy applies to all bookings except for changes required due to COVID-19. For changes/cancellations required due to COVID-19, please see our COVID-19 section and the COVID-19 book with confidence guarantee.

Cancellation at any time will result in your deposit being forfeited as all deposits are non-refundable.

If you cancel within 30 days of your arrival date we will endeavour to re-let your accommodation. If we are unable to do so, then we regret that we will be unable to refund any monies paid. Should you cancel prior to this date, we will refund any monies paid, less your deposit, or reschedule your stay for another date. An administration fee of £50 will be charged in this instance.

In the unlikely event that we need to cancel your stay, and you have paid us in full, we shall inform you as soon as possible to arrange alternative dates.

Re:treat Glamping are not liable for refunds or expenses you may incur in the event that we are prevented from fulfilling your booking as a result of circumstances beyond our control. Such circumstances shall include (but will not be limited to) war, terrorism, serious crime, riots, civil unrest, industrial action, flooding, natural disaster, epidemics, health risks or such similar events (“Force Majeure”).

Re:treat Glamping will also not be liable for refunds or expenses in the instance that any “Force Majeure” or other event outside of our control, cuts short your booking if the event occurs whilst you are here.

We very much recommend that you have adequate holiday insurance in place.


COVID-19 ‘Book With Confidence’ Guarantee

If your booking is unable to go ahead due to the following COVID-19 scenarios;

  • National lockdown due to COVID-19 where travel is not allowed
  • The region where you live moves to a COVID-19 Tier that disallows travel outside of the area
  • Bedfordshire (where Re:treat Glamping is situated) moves to a COVID-19 Tier that disallows travel into the area
  • You, or a member of your party, either tests positive for COVID-19 or has to self-isolate

We will, under any of the above circumstances, firstly work with you to try and reschedule your stay with us to a future date. If rescheduling your stay is not possible, we will offer you a full refund, including your deposit, and excluding the transaction fees incurred by Stripe (Stripe currently charges 1.4% of the total transaction + a 20p charge. As an example, this would usually be between £7 to £16).

If your chosen change of date to a future stay is at a different price point, (e.g. you are booked to stay in low season and move your holiday to a stay in high season), we will calculate the difference and let you know the difference in price. We will then only charge you the difference in price once you confirm you wish to reschedule your stay. In this circumstance, no additional transactional fees will be incurred. If you choose to reschedule your stay to the same time the following year (e.g. same holiday season low/mid/high), there will be no additional charge and we will honour the price paid for the year you have booked.

This flexible guarantee solely applies to genuine COVID-19 scenarios only.

If any of the above scenarios occur, the lead booker must inform Re:treat Glamping at the latest by 12 noon the day prior to their arrival date.


Booking requirements due to COVID-19

We require the leader booker to complete a Covid-19 health declaration for themselves and on behalf of their guests due to stay for their booking. This is to confirm that they and their guests;

  • Have not had any Covid-19 symptoms in the 14 days prior to their stay
  • Would contact the owner in the first instance it they developed Covid-19 symptoms
  • Agree to inform the owner and return home if they develop Covid-19 symptoms during their stay

Guests will not be able to stay at Re:treat Glamping unless this declaration is agreed and confirmed prior to arrival.

If the lead booker or any of their guests due to stay for their booked stay develop Covid-19 symptoms in the 14 days prior to their stay they must not come to Re:treat Glamping. In this instance, the lead booked should call the owner (Jo Baxter tel: 07814 004998) to inform them. We will then work with you to reschedule your stay to a future date.

If the lead booker or any of their guests develop Covid-19 symptoms during their stay, the lead booker should call the owner (Jo Baxter tel: 07814 004998) immediately to inform them. The lead booker should then request a test and return home. The lead booker must inform Re:treat Glamping of the results of the test.

The lead booker must ensure that there is a second driver in the booked group that can drive everyone safely home if the person displaying symptoms is too unwell to drive. If it is not possible to return home safely and guest/s need to self-isolate at Re:treat Glamping, then the lead booker will be required to pay for all bookings that have to be cancelled as a result as well as accommodation costs for the extended stay.

Re:treat Glamping are also required to share the name, telephone number and email address of the lead booker if requested by NHS Test and Trace within 21 days of a guest’s stay. Whilst this data sharing is voluntary, we would encourage guests to share their details in order to support NHS Test and Trace service. This information would only be requested and used where necessary to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Prior to their stay, guests will be asked whether they opt in or out of us sharing their information with NHS Test and Trace if requested.

Group Bookings/Single sex parties

We ask you not to book for a group of 5 or more adults/single sex groups at any time without speaking to us first as we have strict noise policies to ensure that neighbours and wildlife are not disturbed.


We ask that guests keep noise to a minimum after 10pm and before 8am in consideration of our neighbours. Please be aware that noise travels a long way in the countryside and can disturb our neighbours and our local wildlife. After 10.30pm the only sound that should be generally audible in the field is hooting owls and a low murmuring of our guests.

If you are wishing for a holiday where you can party until the early hours then a stay at Re:treat Glamping is probably not for you!
In exceptional circumstances we reserve the right to ask your party to leave if there is repeated noise after having received two warnings and as you will have breached the terms of your contract with us, no refunds will be forthcoming.


Re:treat Glamping is strictly a non-smoking site. Smoking is not permitted at any time in or around the accommodation or on the smallholding. We appreciate you respecting this important rule.

Dogs & Pets

We regret that we are unable to accommodate dogs and pets at Re:treat Glamping due to the proximity of neighbouring farmland and occasional grazing livestock.

Day Visitors

We regret that due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the revised requirements, we do not allow day visitors to Re:treat Glamping. To clarify, only the guests named on the booking are therefore allowed access to Re:treat Glamping during their stay.

Wood & Fires

We provide you with an initial supply of wood and kindling for your stay. Further packs can be purchased from the honesty box next to your lodge. Charcoal for the BBQ is also available for you to purchase from the honesty box. Please also feel free to bring your own charcoal if you prefer. A fire pit is available for hire. We ask that you place the fire pit on the ground and well away from the canvas of the lodge or any other combustibles. No other campfires are permitted.

Safety & Responsibility

You will be staying on a smallholding with occasional grazing animals, potentially dangerous farm equipment and deep ponds amongst other hazards and it is your responsibility to watch your children at all times.
By booking and coming to Re:treat Glamping you agree to be responsible for your children, any children you are in charge of, and your own welfare; and to take all reasonable precautions against personal injury, injury to others and damage to facilities and the safari lodge. Children must be supervised at all times.

Please be aware that some of the guest equipment, including the barbecues and wood burning stoves can be dangerous if misused. We will show you how everything works when you arrive and we’re always available during your stay if you need our help. If you notice any equipment looks faulty/unsafe please notify us as soon as possible.
The safari lodge is set in farmland, the terrain and surrounding terrain can be uneven and has rabbit holes. Please ensure all of your group wears suitable footwear. The hedges and fences may have barbed or electric wire around them, please do not climb on them. The occasional grazing animals on the neighbouring fields are not tame pets, do not approach them, feed them or attempt to stroke them. If you do touch an animal please wash your hands with soap and water immediately afterwards. Please do not wander through any gates on the neighbouring farmland – We will advise you of accessible areas on your arrival. We will also advise you of which fields are cut seasonally for hay. During these times farm machinery will be in use in these fields.
Use of any facilities at Re:treat Glamping, and any exploration of the smallholding and its lands, is the responsibility of the Guest and/or Visitor and is done so at their own risk. Whilst we take great care to keep you safe, accidents can happen and Re:treat Glamping are not held responsible for such accidents (to the greatest extent permitted by law).


Re:treat Glamping accepts no liability for Theft, loss or damage, of whatever nature, during or as a result of a stay at Re:treat Glamping Falling into defect or putting out of action of technical equipment and loss of closure of supplies at Re:treat Glamping
The tenant and those who accompany him or her are jointly and severally responsible for all loss and/or damage which arises for Re:treat Glamping and/or any third party as a direct or an indirect consequence of their stay, irrespective of whether this was caused through actions or refraining from actions by themselves or by third parties who are at Re:treat Glamping through their making.

If you leave your tent in an improper condition additional (cleaning) costs can be charged Nothing in these terms and conditions excludes or limits our liability

(i) for the death or personal injury caused by our negligence

(ii) for any matter which it would be illegal for us to exclude/limit or attempt to exclude/limit our liability

Re:treat Glamping may have additional guest conditions from time to time which must be observed which you and your party undertake to comply with.

Guest behaviour

Guests undertake to behave in a proper, appropriate and legal manner with due respect to the Owner, the Property and their property. If any guest behaves inappropriately or improperly (of which the Owner will be the final judge on their Property), or illegally, the Owner reserves the right to ask the guest and their party (at their discretion) to leave the Property before the end of the holiday period. Any refund for so doing will be at the entire discretion of the Owner. In addition, the Owner reserves the right to sue the guest for any loss, damage or injury caused to the Owner, the Property or to other guests and/or their property.

Cleaning & Damage/Breakages

A refundable damage deposit of £50 will be taken at the point of booking in case of any breakages, damages, noise complaints, if excessive cleaning is required after your stay, or if a bill is not settled in the honesty shop. Providing there are no instances of the above we return your damages deposit within 48 hours of your departure.
Please leave your accommodation tidy (as per departure information) and let us know if anything gets broken or lost so that we can replace it for our next guests. We will only charge for replacements in exceptional circumstances, as we expect a degree of wear and tear. If major damage is directly attributable to a guest, then we reserve the right to request payment to cover replacement.
If any deep cleaning is required after you check out then we reserve the right to charge for this work. Re:treat Glamping reserves the right to deduct this payment from your security deposit or invoice guests following their stay.

Breach of Terms and Conditions

If there is a breach of any of these conditions by the Guest or any of their party, the Owners reserve the right to re-enter the Property and end the holiday and ask the Guest and their party to leave in addition to their other rights specified in these Booking Conditions. Ending the Holiday by the Owners or the Guests does not affect that party’s other rights and remedies.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions have been drafted in accordance with and are governed by English law and the courts of England and Wales have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any and all disputes arising out of these Terms & Conditions.


In case of a discrepancy between these Terms & Conditions and any other Re:treat Glamping literature, these Terms & Conditions shall prevail.

Validity clause

In the event that a court finds that a condition in these Terms & Conditions is illegal or void, the illegal or void provision will be severed from the remainder of the Terms & Conditions, which will continue to be valid and have full force and effect.