Beat the New Year Frazzle!


I truly love Christmas and all that goes with it; the magic, the pretty decorations, time together with loved ones and of course Christmas dinner with all the trimmings! The reality however is often different to the romantic image conjured up in my mind – frantic wrapping of presents, micro-scheduled diaries to ensure we get to see as many people as we can and feeling pretty sluggish after overindulging!

So, if like me, you are feeling the New Year frazzle, I hope you find the following suggestions helpful in restoring your inner peace in January!

Get outdoors

Rain, wind or shine, I’m lucky enough to be out and about with our sprocker every day for a good trek. I’m often surprised at how much better I feel after we have been out for a walk; even if I’ve got drenched in the meantime! If I’m super busy I use the time to take a step back from my thoughts and process anything that’s been running through my mind. Sometimes if I want total distraction from my thoughts I mindfully take in my surroundings; how the wind or sun feels on my face or how Luna my sprocker is enjoying chasing yet another pigeon! There are also some great tips on mindful walking HERE.

Clear the diary

First an admission – I love planning and I love a list! However, after a month of happy planning and socialising I try and keep the weekends clear of plans in January. Having free weekends with nothing planned is not the norm for us as a family but I find it does us so much good to just go with the flow and spend time together with nothing to rush to or prepare for. On the flip side, I also find it far easier to relax and do this if my working days and the kids’ school days are planned and sorted! I’m a big fan of Mum’s office ‘The Big Family Diary’ with a unique and simple grid system to get super organised.


Playing allows me to just be and it’s something I have to consciously remind myself to do, even though we have two small children. Day to day tasks are ever increasing and it’s easy for me to lose track of just taking a moment to spend quality time with the kiddies and play. We are big fans of Uno and Dobble (links) which are firm family favourites. Crafting together is also fun to do and I love the eco-friendly craft and activity ideas to be found at HERE.

Being Mindful

First a caveat –  I’m no expert at mindfulness at all! However, I’ve found these mindfulness cards great at allowing us all to do mindfulness exercises together. It also gives the kiddie’s control of our activities as they pick a card and we all join in. As each activity is nice and short it keeps their attention and they find it really fun. For more background on mindfulness along with useful resources and ideas take a look at the following positive psychology page.



Making the time for a leisurely bath is my way of getting some restorative time to relax and recuperate. I love using aromatherapy oils in a diffuser & my favourite relaxing mix of essential oils is frankincense, chamomile, rose otto & mandarin. Neals Yard beauty sleep foaming bath oil is truly divine and a good slug of it goes into the bath. I then light the candles, pop on some relaxing music and sink back and relax – Bliss!


I hope you’ve found this helpful. If you fancy some restorative time here at Re:treat Glamping guests now have the option of booking a reflexology session or a private yoga session during their stay 😊 #andrelax